wille planung


Usually freestyle snow parks are established by a team of park builders with different levels of experience and lots of eye-balling. It’s the most experienced builder then who makes the difference. So far there’s nothing wrong with that. There are a lot of parks out there nowadays and some of them are really good. At least the advanced lines where the most skilled park riders are moving who are able to deliver constructive feedback. Lines for intermediates or beginners still lack quality. And when the one guy is missing who doesn’t want to or just isn’t able to share all his know-how with the rest of the crew then the whole park will not offer the same riding experience. What’s missing is a common language – construction plans, and a common skill-set – craftsmanship. Everybody within the park team should be able to describe different shapes with metrics and should know how to establish these shapes by using measuring tools and straightforward workflows. This allows you to discuss your ideas at eye level with the other guys in the crew, so you will be able to develop better parks as a result of real team work. It’s no rocket science! Everybody who wants to build parks that consistently deliver great riding experience will learn it quickly by just using our customized plans elaborated as step-by-step guides as a starting point.